AI – UK Tech Labour Market Focus 2020

A report on how artificial intelligence (AI) and its development is shaping the UK’s tech labour market — with additional insights on how VC funding is driving British innovation, the potential effects of automation on job displacement and creation, and how firms need to be thinking about improving their data to take full advantage of this changing landscape.

Robert Walters & Vacancysoft

Written in partnership with Robert Walters, this report reviews the current impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on UK labour markets. It touches on how VC funding is driving British innovation in this field; considers automation and job creation and displacement; and the need for companies to adopt better data to prepare for this new landscape. Key findings include:

  • Demand for AI specialists in Britian is up 8.7% year-on-year
  • Vacancies in 2020 are down only slightly (-2.6% year-on-year) compared to 2019
  • Python experts were highly sought after in Q3 2020, and are back to levels last seen in Q3 2019.
  • There were more vacancies for data experts in London in Q3 2020 than in any quarter in 2019.

To discover more insights and trends related to AI-specific roles in the tech sector, download the report now.

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