Corporate Governance Report – Risk Management

Barclay Simpson and Vacancysoft

April 2017

  • Minor fluctuations aside, the number of vacancies in Risk Management each month has remained broadly consistent since January 2016.
  • Larger companies are now generating proportionately fewer risk management vacancies; vacancy growth in the financial services industry is coming from smaller, more entrepreneurial firms.
  • The financial services industry in the UK is undergoing a period of rapid evolution but the regulatory high-water mark may have been reached.

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    In the April edition of the series of reports Vacancysoft and Barclay Simpson co-produce we look at vacancies in England and Wales for Risk Management specialists. With the political situation still far from clear, and the eventual shape of Brexit still an open question, how is demand from this sector changing? What effects are regulatory changes having? And what effects are they likely to have in the future? Is demand from the regions increasing at the expense of vacancies in London or vice versa? Are the roles which are opening up at junior levels or senior levels? What hiring plans do Risk departments have going into 2017? How do the hiring habits of smaller firms differ from those of big companies? All of that and more is covered in this report.

    Vacancysoft is the Data Publisher for the Recruitment Industry. We provide recruiters with daily lead lists that help to monitor their clients’ hiring and to identify companies struggling to hire.

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