For managers and owners of recruitment firms needing to trade through this period, identifying which clients will continue to recruit and what opportunities there may be is essential. To help recruiters with this, we have launched our own index, the Covid19VacancyTracker. In this tracker:

  • We compile vacancies by sector, as published by us on the business day after the day in question.
  • For now, vacancies are only included if they are from Greater London.
  • Only Company websites are monitored, no job boards to avoid duplication. For more information about coverage contact us.
  • Jobs included are for specialist sector roles and general management functions £30k+.
  • For a full list of the Professional categories included please ask.

This is updated daily, as a way of giving recruiters a KPI by sector to view vacancy volume. If our clients would like more detailed information to help with resource allocation, please contact me, we can see what we can share for no additional cost. Areas we can further break down include:

  • Segmentation by SME’s – what do volumes look like, when solely looking at SME volumes?
  • Hotspots by role – which roles remain in demand
  • Hitlists by company – who is still actively recruiting

For more information contact us. <>