Every recruiter can be a little bit of a marketer

Feb 3, 2017 | Market Insights, Trend Based

It’s a pretty good idea to write blog. There are many free platforms for blogging, with a couple of examples being Blogger and Medium. Express your opinions and share your personal thoughts. Approaching sector-specific questions in your articles leads to thought leader status. Complement work-related posts with stories about your hobbies. Have you read a book which made an impression on you and which you would like to share? Write a post about it on your blog. People like to see a persona behind the picture. It gives the perception that the person on the other side of the monitor is not a complete stranger.

Read up on search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices. It is usually advised to have at least 300 words in each article, and the title and the first paragraph should contain the key-word. The whole text should be easy to read; shorter sentences are preferable.

To increase your audience, post links all over social media. You can use special plug-ins which will automatically post links on all your accounts. Use unique hashtags to facilitate the sorting of posts; use popular (but still relevant!) hashtags to attract followers and readers. Remember that Twitter is a great place for Q&A sessions. People might not go to the trouble of writing an email if they don’t think their question is important enough; but asking questions on Twitter is simple, quick and easy.

Don’t forget competitor analysis. What is your competitive advantage? Are you staying on top of your competition? Read more about why the answers to these questions are crucial in an article by James Chaplin, Vacancysoft’s CEO. Don’t forget to monitor new developments in your recruitment sector: innovation drives the economy and creates new workplaces.

It is all about decreasing uncertainty. When your potential clients understand who you are, what your priorities are and how you work with candidates, it becomes easier for them to make the decision about whether to work with you, and it’s more likely that their decision will be positive.

To sum up, the key marketing take-aways for recruiters are:

  • a lot of people write blogs, but it’s still good to write one too;
  • upgrading your SEO skills is a very good idea;
  • social media is still important;
  • don’t be afraid to be less formal;
  • become a thought leader;
  • decreasing uncertainty will attract new clients.

Recruitment Industry Insights is a free Market Intelligence Tool that can help you to become a thought leader in your niche, increase your brand awareness, and attract clients. Read about this free Market Intelligence Tool here.

Author: Elli Vitchynova
Marketing Executive


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