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Nov 4, 2016 | Market Insights, Trend Based

We have already written about how cloud is changing project management. In this Market Insight we will explain what cloud computing is. Based on Vacancysoft data, we will show which skills are in the highest demand.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing provides access to different applications without installing them. Cloud makes it possible to keep and interact with information without using storage on your own computer. Your computer acts as a monitor to display what’s happening in the cloud. Many of us use Gmail, Dropbox, Google Documents, or other similar services on a daily basis. These are examples of cloud technology.

For businesses one of the biggest advantages of the cloud is elasticity. If certain processes need to use a super-computer a couple of times, there is no need to buy expensive hardware: you can rent it in the cloud instead. You can use super-computers as often as you need them, and just pay for your actual usage. Moreover, starting to use a new machine in the cloud is much faster than buying and setting up an actual computer.

What are commonly required skills?

Cloud computing requires special skills. In order to see the most popular requirements in cloud computing jobs, we analyzed recent openings across England and Wales.

Knowledge of databases is critical, therefore fluency in SQL is often required. According to Vacancysoft data, 26% of cloud computing vacancies require SQL skills. Java skills are listed as desirable in 25% of jobs, and Python in listed in 14%. Surprisingly, Perl was listed in 8% of vacancies.

Aside from languages, Linux experience was necessary for 19% of the vacancies, and Hadoop was mentioned in 10% of them. As for soft skills, it is interesting that “effective communication” was required in 78% of Cloud Computing jobs!

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The data used in this article comes from and is owned by Vacancysoft LLP.

Author: Elli Vitchynova
Marketing Executive


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