James Chaplin talks about Vacancysoft as a Client Intelligence tool in Recruiter Magazine

May 24, 2016 | In the press

Another recruitment-focused intelligence tool is Vacancysoft, which picks up job-related information at the point corporate recruiters upload data to a corporate careers site or applicant tracking system (ATS). Vacancysoft founder James Chaplin says agency recruiters use the service rather more subtly than for pure lead generation. “It’s more about managing their clients better,” Chaplin says. “They may have a relationship with that organisation but not be on first-name terms with the business unit director, so it enables them to work that job at the point it is picked up.”

Data analysis
Vacancysoft also publishes reports and is currently putting together one on the technology sector, looking at new roles emerging. When Chaplin launched the company in 2006, the stock response from recruiters was ‘why do I need information on jobs? I need candidates’ and it was a struggle to get the early adopters on board. “Now people understand that the better they understand their clients and mirror their clients’ activities, the more profitable they will be as an organisation,” he explains.

“An agency’s return on investment comes from being able to pick up roles faster but they have the added benefit of a 360-degree perspective on what their clients are doing.”

– See more at: http://www.recruiter.co.uk/analysis/2016/06/data-demands/

Vacancysoft is the only business intelligence tool focused on monitoring client portals to provide you real time updates on their activity.

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