Legal Report with Taylor Root June 2020 – TMT in review

Taylor Root and Vacancysoft

June 2020

As the era of technology automation takes hold, businesses are looking at their legal departments and making changes, where the COVID crisis has impacted the legal profession in a unique way. This has manifested in the following:

  • When analysing activity within Law Firms, overall vacancies in the first half of the year are down 41% on 2019, where for TMT Lawyers specifically the drop is even more stark (down 48%.)
  • In contrast to Private Practice, in-house legal vacancies have held steady across the Technology industry, as businesses continue to hire legal counsel unabated. In fact, as things stand, in 2020 we anticipate there being more legal vacancies in the technology industry than in 2019.
  • In fact when comparing this year to last, we see that despite COVID-19, there have been 27% more in-house legal vacancies across TMT businesses in London. Regionally there has also been an increase, with vacancies up 16%

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