Life Sciences Report April 2020 – Quality Assurance

Clinical Professionals and Vacancysoft

April 2020

As the Covid19 crisis hits, QA will have an increasingly important part to play under the spotlight, as Governments pressure Pharmaceuticals companies to produce a scalable cure. Already the sector had seen continuous growth over the past few years, with volumes up 20.7% since 2017 and by 10.5% compared to 2018. For context, Q3 2019 was recorded as the busiest quarter over a three year period.

Looking forward therefore, while the immediate impact of covid19 has been a pause in recruitment as corporate HR focus on other areas, such as implementing furloughing schemes (especially in the UK) the expectation is that the financial rewards involved in finding either a workable treatment or vaccine are such, that every company in the sector will be looking to press ahead as fast as they can. The danger with this is that this pandemic threatens a global surge in substandard products, where QA will have a vital part to play in preventing this. With that, whilst activity is likely to dip slightly between March to May, especially as companies think through the challenge of onboarding in this climate, we expect there to be a surge of recruitment through summer.

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