Find out why Vacancysoft is the leading market intelligence solution!

What you will get:

  • A daily email tracker configured to your priority area, released 8:30 am so as you start your day, for you and everyone in your team
  • Weekly surge reports, identifying which businesses have been the most active (which can be filtered to just those you want to profile)
  • Have one 360 market review session, lasting up to 30 mins where we profile your vertical, to see which areas are growing the fastest

unlimited users 60 day free trial

After that, pay for 1 power user and have as many regular users for FREE for another 60 days









Normally, an account with unlimited users for your market would be £600+VAT per month. For this promotion, you will pay nothing for the first 60 days, and just £600+VAT in total for the following two months. 

What this means is that you are getting £2400+VAT of value, for just £600+VAT, and that’s assuming you keep your account for the entire period. (Nothing to pay for the first two months, and no obligation to continue past the free period)

With that, your account will be live once you have completed the card mandate form. No up front cost. No commitment to pay anything. Just leads, filtered to your desk.

ALSO this campaign is also open to existing clients with single user contracts – So if you are an existing client and want to sign up for unlimited users, contact us ensure everyone in the team gets:

  • Their own daily alerts configured to their desk
  • Ability to create priority filters, so they can personalize their alert to track key roles or clients
  • Log in credentials for the search function so they can see all live jobs now


For existing clients, we will give you all of this, for no additional charge on your current contract for 60 days. contact us to find out more

“A great tool for keeping track of a fast-moving market.”

Medet Ali

Managing Director – Creative Tax Recruitment

“Extremely useful in predicting growth areas.”

Ben Kent

Founding Director – Meridian West

“Plays an integral role in our day-to-day business.”

Tim Skipper

Director – Totum Partners

“An essential tool for monitoring client activity.”

Justin Carpenter

Director – Caspian One

“Provides us with expert information and research.”

Jeremy Small

Director – Jameson Legal

“Since 2012, invaluable to our business. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Richard Hoar

Director, Banking & Financial Services – Goodman Mason

“Reminds me to chase leads and helps me provide a better service to clients and candidates."

Gabriel Moore

Consultant – Barclay Simpson

"Meaningful, timely and accurate insights that enable us to hire below budgets."

Frederico Justus

President of Operations – Weatherford International

“An essential tool for our business.”

Daniel Patterson

Marketing Director – Cpl Life Sciences

*After 120 days unless you cancel, we will ask you if you want to continue with unlimited users, or if you just want to keep your power user. Unless you instruct otherwise, your account will revert to being single user at our standard pricing of £300 per month.