Pharma Report with Cpl UK October 2020 – Fixed Term Contract

Cpl UK and Vacancysoft

October 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis rages, so businesses are changing the way they hire to enable them to deliver. Already before 2020, there had been a trend to increasing numbers of FTC roles, however, since spring this has accelerated. In the UK FTC roles are up 14% on last year, where across the EU this is even greater, at 24%.

Across both the UK and the EU, Q3 2020 has proven to be a record quarter, with volumes in the UK up 35% compared to 2019, while in the EU, the increase has been 42%.

Similarly, the percentage of vacancies that are FTC has also risen. In 2018, within the UK, 5.85% of the vacancies were FTC, while in this year so far this rose to 7.92%. In the EU, 7.18% of the vacancies were FTC, whereas in 2020 this has been 9.63%.

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