Real Estate — 2021 UK Labour Market Review

After a frenzied year for the UK housing market, how did new jobs in real estate fare in 2021? What effect did flexible working and empty workplaces have on hiring trends? Read our annual report of the real estate labour market for these and other insights.


Our 2021 annual review of the UK real estate labour market provides annual vacancy volumes and monthly job trends; a breakdown of hiring across industry and non-industry functions; compares new jobs around the regions; and analyses the hiring activity of top firms. Key findings include:

  • The real estate labour market was one of the fastest growing in UK industry 
  • Vacancies peaked in July 2021, following which they have been falling gradually
  • Facilities management roles saw the largest increase, property management the smallest
  • Among non-industry functions, hiring for procurement specialists grew the fastest; IT professionals represented the largest single grouping
  • AECOM, Jacobs and Atalian Severest experienced the largest rises in hiring

To discover more insights and trends for the UK’s real estate labour market, download the 2021 annual report now.


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