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Apr 6, 2017 | News

Vacancysoft CEO, James Chaplin, laid out his vision of the future for the recruitment industry at the Global Recruiter UK Summit.

One of the key speakers at the recent summit in London was the CEO of Vacancysoft, James Chaplin, who gave a presentation which was one of the main talking points at the summit. After underlining the importance of understanding where hiring is happening, James drew the audience’s attention to where change is to be found in the post-referendum reality, to the change that is due to the attitudes of the Millennials as a generation, adding that “The types of managers we are will define whether or not people stay”, and to the change which stems from the rise of AI. He stressed that “For the first time ever white-collar jobs are being automated”. Moving on to assess where change can be seen, James pointed out to the growth in recruitment as a whole and the ongoing transformation within white-collar sectors, asking “If you’re looking at all of the jobs in your books, which ones are the hardest to fill and are you charging enough for them?”

James summed up the implications of what he’d covered, with three keys points for recruiters to consider. The first was employee engagement, which becomes ever more important. The second was regulatory change; change, of course, bringing opportunities and threats. Last, but by no means least, was data-driven decision making; James looked at some ways that data can help recruiters to optimise their businesses and maximise their results.

As well as James’ presentation, the Global Recruiter UK Summit 2017 featured a call from James Osborne, the chairman of the Recruitment Network, for recruiters to stop thinking about tomorrow and to instead focus on the needs of recruitment leaders today. Other speakers included: Denis Pennel, the Managing Director of the World Employment Confederation, Dinette Koolhaas, Vice-President & Head of EMEA operations at Kelly Services; John Nurthen, Executive Director for Global Research at Staffing Industry Analysts; and Kevin Green, the CEO of REC.

The Global Recruiter UK Summit is an event which has rapidly become regarded as a ‘can’t miss’ date for the recruitment industry. The summit gives the chance for industry experts and peers from across the UK and Europe to gain a unique insight into the present and future of best practices for recruitment.

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