Running as a Recruitment Tool

Sep 6, 2016 | Market Insights, Trend Based

How can events be used for recruitment? What is ‘employer branding’ and how can it help staffing? Why are races the perfect tool for delivering a ‘team message’?

Brand communication is one of the key strategies that allow companies to get recognition. It used to be done through ads (especially TV) and banners; in the digital era, it has been done through social media and mobile marketing. However, those techniques are used by most marketers, which makes it very hard for employers to stand out. In this article, I’d like to focus on the value of events for brand-building and talent attraction.

Professional events like awards and conferences are mainly used to promote a company’s message and the products it sells. These events create an environment for the effective distribution of a company’s visuals, and they provide an opportunity to market products to a well-targeted audience. Such events can also attract the most proactive and intelligent people. This means that employers can use events not only to win more clients and generate more leads but also to raise brand awareness among potential employees.

The so-called ‘employer branding’ is a new marketing practice that uses branding to shape people’s perception of working for the company. In order to get an idea of how it works and what is crucial for the talent attraction, let’s look at the example of team races:

A Business Run is a sports event that encourages companies to compete. As a business event, it usually attracts the best talent. Runners are dynamic and result-oriented people, who are willing to take on individual challenges as well as be a part of a team. The run itself promotes an active lifestyle, and it evokes a powerful team spirit. Companies provide a team of runners who compete against other businesses. Every company can advertise themselves by outfitting their runners with branded sportswear, but companies can embrace team culture as well. Taking part in this event helps team bonding, as members work hard for the team, cheer each other on, and celebrate their success together. Such a positive atmosphere can attract employees from other companies, who want to be in an environment where people are valued.

If you are looking to raise your brand awareness for recruitment purposes, events can be a great tool to complement your other marketing efforts.

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