Vacancy Tracker

Real-time updates of the latest vacancies being published on company websites,
with personalised feeds for every user.

  • On a daily basis we monitor over 100,000 companies for change.
  • We configure an account for you with filters matching your needs.
    (You decide which roles, sectors and locations you want to be informed about.)
  • Receive daily emails from us with all relevant vacancy data.
  • Get access to our online database, enabling you to search all activity in the market that meets your needs.
  • Our unit-based pricing means you only pay for the data that adds value for you.

Vacancy Analytics

Our data visualisation environment helps you quickly and easily identify emerging hotspots across Europe by country, role and company.

  • Vacancysoft researchers identify tens of thousands of companies across the region, with each segmented by sector, HQ location and size.
  • Through aggregating data we are able to identify key changes in market activity as they are happening.
  • For Corporate Recruiters we can provide bespoke market intelligence reports, helping them in the war for talent.
  • For Executive Search Firms we can provide a detailed spotlight on their clients and how their activity compares to their competitors.
  • For Recruitment Firms this means we can optimise growth, highlighting where new consultants should be positioned.
bespoke solutions


Written in partnership with leading organisations in recruitment, segmented by sector.

  • Working in partnership with specialist recruiters, we co-produce unique thought leadership for the recruitment industry.
  • Our belief is that when information on company hiring is aggregated, it becomes possible to see what changes are happening within that industry.
  • Our recruitment partner then gives their commentary, allowing for a unique combination of data and insight.
  • We aggregate the vacancies we publish and conduct extensive data analysis, identifying key emerging trends.
  • We produce reports for Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences and Technology and have been featured in several leading business publications.


Compensation Consulting

One of the biggest challenges facing HR is ensuring that the compensation being offered to both new recruits and existing staff is competitive with market conditions. Using our proprietary data sets and expertise, we are able to give guidance on:

  • Demand hot-spots.
    Which skill sets are being recruited for the most aggressively?  Which areas are most likely to come under pressure?
  • Peer Group analysis

    What vacancies are being offered in similar companies to yours? What do you need to do to stay competitive?

  • Salary Premium
    What is the salary premium between what the market is offering and what your current salaries are? How has that changed over the last year?