Technology Sector Report 2020 – Artificial Intelligence

Robert Walters  and Vacancysoft

As the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) evolve, the day draws closer to when its behaviour becomes indistinguishable from a human being’s. The Turing test, designed in 1950, remains the standard bearer for researchers — and recent developments suggest that society edges closer to this threshold.

Across every field of life, AI is breaking through in ways once thought unimaginable. And this isn’t just theoretical — it’s here and now. In 2020, the year of covid-19, AI’s impact in enabling treatments and developing vaccines has been immense. Take treatments, where medicines are generally developed with a condition in mind. 

As the coronavirus emerged, AI reanalysed previously approved drugs against their clinical trial results, examining if they could be an effective covid-19 treatment . Further, when developing a vaccine, both Britain and America were heavily reliant on AI to identify and minimise potential adverse reactions.


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