Trends in e-commerce


May 2017

Key trends include:

  • Hiring for IT in retail and e-commerce is outpacing other sectors.
  • Mobile is heavily influencing the nature of hiring, as people start to shop on the move.
  • Increasingly, roles are being regionalised away from London.

Technology is disrupting nowhere more profoundly than retail, with e-commerce now taking shape in a way not seen before as mobile devices take off.

Classic retailers which have been slow to adapt have been left behind as e-tailers have stolen their market share; and now e-tailers are going one step further, as seen by Amazon currently looking to set up physical locations.

All this means that retailers are being forced to play catch-up, with investment into e-commerce now taking top priority. As a result, hiring for IT professionals in retail and e-commerce is now outpacing all other industries in the UK.

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