Vacancysoft are launching our own league this season, to enable you to showcase your expertise against peers, clients and competitors alike. The growth of Fantasy Football has meant it has never been more popular, with 6m people signed up now worldwide for the English edition.

If you have never played Fantasy Football before, it all starts with data. Over the course of a game, players contribute in different ways, resulting in them either getting positive points for appearing, scoring a goal, providing an assist or getting a clean sheet. Or they get negative points if they get a yellow or red card. You assemble a squad consisting of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three strikers, where your budget means you can’t afford to have all the best players, so the skill comes from finding the right blend of stars who score well every week, and promising talent, who over deliver on expectations.

Once set up, changes can be made weekly, some people like to make changes every week, others like to watch and make changes only if a player gets injured etc.

To register, go to the following URL now:

If you already have a team set up, why not sign up? Code to join the VACANCYSOFT league is: 1356827-392836

To add an additional element to the mix, Look out for the team ‘Three Lions.’ Based on the England World Cup squad, only players eligible for England duty will be selected. So can you outperform the Three Lions?

Vacancy Analytics can help you map out client activity, spotlight areas of growth and highlight trends you should be aware of. For a consultation on how we can help, please contact us.


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