About Us






We are the data publishing company for the Recruitment Industry. Working with more than 40 of the largest 50 global recruiters, we provide market-leading intelligence solutions.

As a technology company, we believe that data-led decision making is central to optimal business performance. Established in 2006, we now have thousands of subscribers worldwide. Clients range from FTSE listed businesses to industry specialists, where our value lies in optimising business development and client service.
We strive for excellence in the solutions we provide, constantly improving the amount and quality of data we publish. Innovation is central to achieving this and is at the heart of our business culture. Through this approach we enable our clients to be more profitable, thus creating long-lasting sustainable business relationships.

Our Vacancy Tracker provides better client-intelligence and improves business development. Our Vacancy Analytics facilitates data-driven decision making, which enables you to grow.

The solutions we offer include:

–          Vacancy Tracker daily email alerts containing the newest vacancies tailored for your specific needs.

–          Recruitment Industry Insights newsletters, providing insight on market trends.

–          Monthly reports, giving in-depth analysis by sector.


We understand that only through operating as a team can we achieve our business objectives.

Therefore we challenge people to operate both collectively and autonomously and believe that every individual within a team should be able to contribute positively. We believe in diversity and multi-culturalism. We are a dynamic culture enabling creativity and growth where innovation and meritocracy are central to that. We encourage people to show how they can make a difference.
We provide opportunities for our team, investing in them so they can achieve their professional goals.

Does this sound like a team you want to be a part of?