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About us

Our vision is to be the default data publisher for the recruitment industry globally.
As a technology company, we believe that data led decision making is central to optimal business performance. Established in 2006, we now have thousands of subscribers worldwide. Clients range from FTSE listed businesses to industry specialists, where our value lies in optimising business development and client service.
For the solutions we currently provide, we strive for excellence, where we constantly improve the amount and quality of data we publish. Innovation is central to achieving this and is at the heart of our business culture. Through this approach we enable our clients to be more profitable, thus creating long lasting sustainable business relationships.

What we do


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Prior to Vacancysoft forming in 2006, there was no
solution available for recruiters to allow them to track
client vacancy activity directly. As a result recruiters
would resort to manually checking websites themselves
or would assign an administrator to do so, but would
struggle to monitor their market effectively.

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James Chaplin, CEO & founder spotted the opportunity
due to his relationships with people in recruitment and
assembled a team to create a prototype. Seed clients
backed James and within 6 months his team had rolled
out the first beta version.

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At first Vacancysoft was designed as a bespoke tool for a handful of leading recruiters, who saw the potential of a comprehensive market intelligence solution.

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The business grew steadily throughout 2006-2008
winning several key accounts, unfortunately when
the global financial crisis hit a new approach was
needed. James subsequently moved the operations
to Warsaw, Poland and built the business from there.

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Since 2012 we have maintained annual growth of 50%+
and are now used by over forty of the largest fifty global
recruitment firms in the UK. Our next steps will be to
meet our clients needs internationally.


We pride ourselves on a team centric culture.

We believe innovation can come from anyone regardless of their experience or function so ensure a flat culture where everyone has a platform to put ideas forward, even if that impedes immediate productivity. We also prioritize long term investment, of which the biggest resource we have is our people, so they are the primary focus.

Therefore we invest heavily to enable people to achieve their potential. This can take the form of paid internships, mentoring, external training and grants for further education. We want people to be proud to be part of our team so also look to encourage CSR wherever possible.

Valeriia Muzhchyna

Digital and Design Project Manager

Umar Shodiev

Systems Developer

Steffen Scheibler

Chief Operating Officer

Piotr Rybinski

Senior Developer

Lukasz Jaworowski


Larysa Chaplin

Director of Marketing & Innovation

Krzysztof Sosnowski

Head of Data Services

Kateryna Hnatiuk

Senior Data Associate

Katarzyna Pochrybniak

Data Specialist

Jan Pawlowski

Data Analyst

James Chaplin


James Barton

Head of Business Intelligence Services

Iryna Khashchina

Junior Data Researcher

Harrison Onyedumekwu

Junior Data Researcher

Chris Geras

Business Development Director

Andrei Ihnatovicz

Senior Data Associate

Alex Dolgov

Business Manager

Abhishek Panda

Junior Data Researcher


We understand that only through operating as a team can we achieve our business objectives.

Therefore we challenge people to operate both collectively and autonomously and believe that every individual within a team should be able to contribute positively. We believe in diversity and multi-culturalism. We are a dynamic culture enabling creativity and growth where innovation and meritocracy are central to that. We encourage people to show how they can make a difference.
We provide opportunities for our team, investing in them so they can achieve their professional goals.

Does this sound like a team you want to be a part of?