Business of Law – UK Legal Labour Market BM Hiring Trends 2018/22

Law 2023 Review: IT jobs hit record levels within UK law firms in 2022!

How are vacancies faring across the different business management functions in the UK? Which specialist marketing, HR and IT roles are vacancies increasing within law firms? Find out everything by downloading our new legal sector report.

Written with partners Managing Partners’ Forum, this in-depth labour market report addresses professional non-legal roles within the UK legal sector. It includes in-depth analyses and insights on hiring levels for business management functions, focusing on jobs for marketing, HR and IT professionals within law firms.

Key findings include:

1. IT management roles in law firms topped the table in 2022 with 459 job postings, a 23.4% year-on-year

2. Law firms hired record levels of marketing professionals in 2022, up 29.3% in relation to 2021

3. In 2022, hiring volumes for HR roles in law firms ranked third, surging 30.9% year-on-year

This report, based on data from top UK law firms and international law firms, reveals that marketing, HR, and technology are the most sought-after disciplines, with finance experiencing the fastest growth in 2022. Despite there being more technology vacancies in 2022, marketing and HR had higher growth rates, leading to a projected 9% increase in marketing vacancies compared to technology vacancies in 2024.

Take a more in-depth look into hiring activity within Business of Law and download your copy below!

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