Change & Transformation — UK Tech Market Trends, February 2023

IT jobs across the UK saw record levels in 2022, with London topping the table! Do you want to know which other top firms besides Barclays are leading the hiring for IT talent?

Written in partnership with Robert Walters, this report analyses the recruitment of IT roles within different sectors in the UK. It provides a comparison of monthly and annual totals trends, an analysis of the most wanted specialist roles, a regional breakdown of recruitment, examines the activity across sectors and presents the hiring activity of the top firms.

Key Findings:

1.IT Project Management is crucial in Financial Services due to the increasing importance of technology transformation, with Commercial Banking leading in job vacancies and London being the dominant hiring location.

2. Cloud architecture is in high demand, with Cloud Architecture specialists sought after for their expertise in single or hybrid vendor strategies, and London offers the highest salaries in this field.

3. Salaries for IT professionals in financial services and IT Project Management roles are competitive, with London being the most lucrative location, but salaries in Northern regions being slightly lower on average.

This comprehensive report, compiled in partnership with Robert Walters, offers valuable insights into the current state of IT project management and related skills in the Financial Services sector, with a focus on different sectors, regions, and skills in demand. It also underscores the competitive landscape for talent, leading to increased salaries for highly in-demand tech and fintech professionals, especially in London.

For a deeper understanding of the tech recruitment landscape in the UK and to explore further trends, download the full report here:

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