Ireland Life Sciences Labour Market Trends, August 2023

Engineering in Life Sciences in Ireland on the rise

Key findings include:

  • Big Pharma increases its share of the scientific job market, up to 72%
  • Manufacturing Engineers are in demand, with a 28.6% increase in vacancies
  • Lilly are ones to watch, with 60% more scientific vacancies this year, than last


As the markets have normalised post-pandemic, so the job flow has slowed for scientists. In contrast, engineering vacancies are on the rise, with an estimated 1577 openings in 2023, marking a 6.5% increase from 2022 according to Life Sciences specialist recruiters CPL, and labour market data analysts Vacancysoft.

When looking at Scientific roles specifically within Ireland, the country has had a bull run for many years now, due to a combination of the tax regime, English being spoken as a first language and the general business framework which has made it easy for American companies to operate in the country as a gateway into the EU. One of the key changes is the positive year-on-year shift of 36.4% in Medical Affairs. 

With that, we have seen the pharmaceuticals sector continuing to hold the lion’s share, consistently accounting for over 60% of the vacancies throughout the analysed period. In 2023, it could potentially see its largest share yet, reaching up to 72.8%. 

Equally it is within Engineering specifically that there has been continued growth. Leading the way in terms of skills in demand are Manufacturing Engineers, poised for a significant upswing in 2023, with an estimated 28.6% increase.

When analysing the leading recruiters for scientific vacancies we can see that Lilly, despite a slower 2022 with 178 scientific vacancies, is projected to experience a remarkable year-on-year surge of 60.1%, with an estimated 285 vacancies in 2023. When then looking at leading recruiters for engineering, we can see Integer stands out with a remarkable estimated uplift of 133.8%

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