It is important that both Sales and Marketing teams are aware of who is doing what and how the business benefits from it. I found that regular meetings worked very well for us. This is a forum where both teams are discussing what they are up to and how Marketing can support Sales, or where Sales gives feedback on what worked and what didn`t.

A lot of misunderstandings between two teams where resolved effectively thanks to this. We started with weekly meetings and when we reached the point where everyone is on the same page we decreased the frequency of meetings to once a month.

  • Meetings should always be led by one person.
  • There should always be pre-set agenda which covers plans/achievements of both teams.
  • Make sure to keep notes during the meeting and send a follow-up email to everyone – this helps to keep to what was agreed.
  • If teams are big, it might be better to hold meetings between team leaders/representatives and have a general meeting once a quarter.

Larysa Chaplin, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Vacancysoft, has contributed to “Sales and Marketing Alignment” article posted by SnapApp. Follow the link to explore 45 B2B marketing experts explain how to align sales and marketing teams for your business or clients.

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