Medical Affairs – EEA / UK Life Sciences Labour Market Trends, May 2023

Cpl 2023 Review: Jobs for medical affairs in 2022 fall across England and Wales while the South hit record levels!

Written in partnership with Cpl Life Sciences, this report reviews recruitment trends for jobs in medical affairs across England and Wales’ life sciences industry. It observes the trends of the annual total, examines the activity across the life sciences sectors, breaks down the performance by regions and skills in demand, and presents the hiring activity of the top firms.

The field of medical affairs is critical for biopharmaceutical companies as they navigate the changing healthcare landscape. Despite a decrease in medical affairs job openings in London in 2022, the demand for skilled professionals remains strong. A potential drop in vacancies is expected in 2023, indicating a competitive job market. Similarly, the rest of England and Wales witnessed a significant decline in medical affairs opportunities in 2022. However, there are positive signs of recovery, with a notable increase in job openings in London during the first quarter of 2023, highlighting potential recruitment momentum in the field.

Key Findings Include:

1. Vacancies within Contract Research Organisations (CROs) ranked second. However, they suffered a significant fall, with volumes down by 41.2% compared to 2021

2. Medical affairs specialists topped the table with numbers for January-April 2023 hitting 240. However, total job postings fell by 21.3% in 2022 compared to the previous year

3. The pharmaceutical sector has led the way in medical affairs hiring, up 16% year-on-year

These findings offer valuable insights for you as life science recruiters, helping you stay informed about the latest trends and developments in this dynamic and rapidly evolving sector. Use them to make informed recruiting decisions as a result.

Take a more in-depth look into hiring activity within Medical Affairs and download your copy below!

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