Northern England — Regional Labour Market Trends, April 2023

A comprehensive analysis of professional recruitment across various sectors in the Northern regions of England & Wales!

Massive surge across the Northern regions in England and Wales, with the North West leading the way! Do you want to know which were the top sectors in 2022 besides Real Estate & Construction? —Read everything now in our new report with APSCo!

Key Findings:

1. Real Estate & Construction was the top sector during the past year across the Northern regions, having published over 12,7k+ new vacancies.

Understanding the prominence of Real Estate & Construction in the Northern regions helps you make informed decisions about business expansions, resource allocation, and investment opportunities. Stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the potential growth in this sector.

2. The technology sector was the strongest within the North East region, with a notable rise of almost 2,5k+ new vacancies, up by 19.2% year on year compared to 2021.

Recognizing the strength of the technology sector in the North East region allows you to tap into a flourishing tech ecosystem. Position your organization as a leading player in this sector and attract skilled professionals who are seeking opportunities in technology-driven roles.

3. IT Development & Engineering was the skill most in demand in 2022 across all Northern regions, with over 5,5k+ vacancies published.

With over 5.5k+ vacancies published, the high demand for IT Development & Engineering professionals signifies the critical need for these skills in various industries. Accessing this knowledge helps you prioritize your recruitment efforts to fill crucial positions and maintain operational efficiency.


This comprehensive report, created in partnership with APSCo, offers valuable insights into the current state of job vacancies across the Northern regions of England and Wales. The findings reveal a diverse and evolving job market, with the professional vacancies in the North hitting an all time-high in 2022, with Real Estate & Construction dominating recruitment!

For a deeper understanding of the recruitment landscape in Northern England and to explore further trends, download the full report here:

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