Northern Ireland – Regional Labour Market Trends, May 2023

A comprehensive analysis of professional recruitment across various sectors in the Northern regions of England & Wales!

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Key Findings:

1. Vacancies in Northern Ireland peaked in May 2022, with 1,011 jobs published (up 33%)

2. The standout leader among the skills in demand in 2022 was the IT professionals, up 11% year-on-year

3. The Real Estate & Construction sector had a great year, posting 941 new job positions, a significant rise of 43.7% compared to 2021

Employment numbers in Northern Ireland have fallen by 0.6%, indicating a struggling job market yet to fully recover from the pandemic. While there has been a positive trend in professional vacancies with a 12.7% increase in 2022, there are already indications of a potential decline in 2023 due to factors like high inflation, lower real wages, and squeezed household incomes impacting consumer confidence.

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