It’s all about making the recruitment business efficient. With increased volumes of applicants, some level of automation is needed to keep the ball rolling; however, the most forward-thinking and successful recruiters take the best of the technology and reinvest their time in ‘value-added tasks’ which enable them to make a difference as service providers.

In a recruiter’s day-to-day work there are a lot of processes that involve monotonous and repetitive tasks, such as resume screening, acknowledging and rejecting applicants, scheduling interviews, etc. Given the large volumes of resumes recruiters now need to work with, it’s becoming extremely hard to pick out the top hires and manage all of the responses and interviews efficiently. According to Jobvite, best practices include the automation of “Top of the Funnel” communication. Software screens thousands of CVs using advanced algorithms, selects the best candidates, sends emails with pre-employment tests to eliminate unqualified applicants, and even schedules interviews with the hiring manager. The direct involvement of recruitment consultants starts only after the perfect candidate is ready to fill the job.

However, the smart use of automation for hiring processes not only improves efficiency and the productivity of consultants, it also enhances the candidate experience. With thousands of applicants that were being screened by applicant tracking systems, recruiters found it difficult to keep all candidates up to date with the status of their applications. However, advanced automation makes automated response management possible, where each candidate is followed up with during the hiring process. It’s worth noting that automation also speeds up the entire application process.

The bottom line is balancing the smart use of automation with personal engagement. At the stage of making final decisions the human element is still extremely valuable. Expert recruiters make great use of empathy and sensitivity; they read communication signals to gauge personality and estimate the fit in the broader company culture.

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Author: Valeriia Muzhchyna
Digital Project Manager

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