Steering through uncertainty: Can UK recruiters be optimistic about 2022?

Apr 28, 2022 | Data Based, Vacancy Analytics

As we are starting the year we would like to take time to look back to 2021, of what has been a frenetic year, with recruiters challenged in unique ways never seen before, the big question is what next?

This exclusive webinar is discussing the following insights:

• Review the hiring activity across key sectors of the UK economy over the past year and present expert insight into the jobs market and emerging trends

• Analyse what impact a second year of the pandemic has had and look ahead to how rising inflation and global political and economic uncertainty may affect Britain’s labour market and professional vacancies.

James Chaplin, Vacancysoft CEO will be presenting, where attendees will also have the opportunity to both network with each other and ask questions about the presentation directly which can be up-voted, where after the main presentation, we will have plenty of time to respond to the issues you consider to be most important.

Matt Gallivan, Chief Revenue Officer will talk about tools that allow you to make data-driven decision making by analysing the market as to what is happening in your markets, whether that be by sector, location or by role.

Vacancy Analytics gives you knowledge and data at your fingertips. If you are responsible for business planning and strategy don’t miss this unique opportunity to get insights on the latest market activity and what it could mean for your business.

This webinar is useful for Recruitment Firm Directors, Operational & Marketing Managers in Recruitment Firms, Corporate Recruiters, Managers in RPOs and MSPs. HR Managers.

Download the slides below:

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