The Golden Triangle – UK Life Sciences Labour Trends, March 2023

What were the most prominent roles in Life Sciences across London, Cambridge and Oxford in a busy 2022?

Do you know the current hiring trends within the Golden Triangle? Do you want to know the recent activity in the UK’s pharmaceutical central hub? In partnership with CPL, this report outlines hiring trends in the Golden Triangle, breaking down market activity by region, skills in demand and more.

Key Findings Include:

1. Cambridge was the top city for job volumes in 2022, despite a decrease of 5.6% from 2021

2. R&D was the most popular skill in demand with the largest volumes across the Golden Triangle cities

3. Syneos Health, PSI and AstraZeneca were the busiest life science recruiters in 2022

This report sheds light on the current hiring trends within the Golden Triangle, a critical hub for the UK’s pharmaceutical industry. These findings offer valuable insights for you as life science recruiters, helping you stay informed about the latest trends and developments in this dynamic and rapidly evolving sector. Take insights like these and have the ability to make informed recruiting decisions as a result.

Take a more in-depth look into hiring activity within the Golden Triangle and download your copy below!

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