Market Analysis Workshop

Using the vacancy analytics platform, we will have a private workshop with your management team against a market segment of interest





Workshop for Business Unit Leaders

2020 saw the launch of Vacancy Analytics, the unique market intelligence platform, which is now being onboarded by the world’s largest recruitment firms.

Why are they using it? According to research carried out in the Harvard Business Review, companies who have embraced data-driven decision making are more productive and more profitable than their competitors.

Vacancy Analytics gives businesses the power to identify macro trends in real time and then drill down into whichever segment is of interest, by sector, role, region, etc, to identify which companies are surging in recruiting, right now.

What this means is your team can be focused on the companies they should be talking to and will be armed with not just their hiring, but how it compares to the entire market.

Quite literally, Vacancy Analytics powers growth through data. With that, we are now offering you a unique opportunity to see for yourself what insights you could be getting through this platform. How?

Macro overview

Analyse how the market is performing at the moment overall, against your specific vertical. Is your area of specialism up or down
against the market?

Key change points

We then drill down into the areas you are most interested in, to see what the key change points are. For example, in terms of skills
in demand, what changes have there been, how well do you know your market?

Your key clients

We can then start looking at your key clients, to see both how their recruitment is breaking down by function to enable you to see
what share of their vacancies you are getting, similarly, we can do the analysis against a peer group including their competitors, so
you can see how your key accounts are performing against this demographic.

Map hotspots

We can also create reporting to map hotspots for SME activity in your core markets. For example, how useful would a report be
which shows you the 50 most active SMEs in the past week, relative to their 12 month recruiting cycle?

Skills in demand

Finally, we can map out areas you are interested in expanding into, in terms of the skills in demand, what the biggest companies
are prioritizing and how that differs to their competitors, along with reporting on SMEs and whatever else you want to look into.

Become an expert

Overall consider this workshop the perfect complement to your business development strategy sessions. As the
economy turns and market conditions change, are you ready?

How do we do it?

This workshop can be done either in person or over a video call, where we ask you to brief us in advance for what your area of focus is for the session to enable us to prepare. The session itself need not last more than 30 minutes, depending on how many areas you want to analyze, equally once the session is complete, we deliver to you a board pack, containing all the reporting and associated data sheets we compiled ahead of the session, along with the extra parts we identified as relevant during the session.

Consider this workshop the perfect complement to your BD strategy sessions.

As the economy turns and market conditions change, are you ready?