Weatherproof your business by predicting and preparing for future conditions 

Meteorologists and recruiters have a great deal in common: they both filter a ton of information and put it to use predicting future events. Being a recruiter isn’t just about knowing what kinds of jobs and candidates are out there; that’s like a weather reporter looking out of the window.

Vacancysoft gives you all the leads you need before you’ve even sat down to your morning coffee. Yes, part of the rest of your day needs to go into following up on those leads to chase down today’s business, but have you thought about how useful those leads are for understanding tomorrow’s business?

Just like a meteorologist, a recruiter is more than the sum of their observational tools. Knowing the atmospheric pressure and the windspeed can lead you to an understanding of what’s to come. Similarly, knowing the industries and businesses that have vacancies and the newest skillsets that are coming on to the market can show you where future opportunities will lie.

Like that commuter that steps out on a sunny morning, knowingly clutching his umbrella, you’ll be prepared. Being one step ahead gives you the chance to research the industry trends that will shape the roles of the future and gives you the insight to identify the candidates in the best shape to fill them.

Market insight should be a defining part of your business model, making you proactive and flexible rather than reactive and vulnerable to any storms on the horizon. Good market insight means understanding what’s going on across a broad swathe of businesses and understanding where your clients are coming from and what they’re looking for.

Market insight takes time, but it’s an investment your business can’t do without. Because your time is more profitable when invested in expert analysis, Vacancysoft takes the work out of sourcing, filtering and processing the industry knowledge you need. We can’t do your job for you, but we can give you the time you need to do it well.

Like the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unstable clothing”. If you invest in the right tools and your time, you can make sure your business always has waterproofs and sunscreen at the ready.

Recruitment Industry Insights is a free Market Intelligence Tool that can help you to become a thought leader in your niche, increase your brand awareness, and attract clients. Read about this free Market Intelligence Tool here.

Author: Larysa Chaplin


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