This is should be part of your business growth this year.

If you don`t have a big enough spread of clients or you are too focused on current key accounts, this can result in a weak negotiation position when negotiating terms on fees.

By working with more clients, one can afford to walk away from a bad deal. We help by giving you the tools to expand your client list.

Some other benefits of using Vacancy Tracker in your business:

  • Increases share of wallet from key accounts.
  • Increases the spread of clients within the business, meaning yield is protected.
  • Reduces the cost of growth and expansion.

Vacancy Tracker as a lead generation tool will help achieving both short and long-term goals, for example:

  • Short term it means consultants are able to maintain a higher fee structure per client, through focusing on talking to more people and only then working with ones where terms are mutually agreeable.
  • Longer term it means they can grow faster, as they can build a business model based around leads to instructions to deals.


How do recruiters use Vacancy Tracker on daily basis?

  • In the first instance the daily Vacancy Alert is a call to action, to help them identify the clients they need to be focusing on speaking to.
  • Some then log in to Vacancy Search, as for them it is useful to call companies who are struggling to hire, 30 days+ after the job went live.
  • Also to check on all available jobs before briefing candidates on market opportunities

Consultants wasting time manually trawling through sites themselves, where they don’t have the technical expertise to differentiate between new and older jobs either. Daily Vacancy Alerts will help with ensuring individual consultants are on top of their clients and also acts as a lead generation tool, preventing them wasting their working day. It will also improve overall productivity of consultants, who will have more time for what they are primarily paid for (interfacing with clients / candidates).


Some other ways consultants benefit from using Vacancy Tracker:

Save their time so to make them more productive with their day

Give them information so they are informed on overall market activity

Provide them with key client information so they don’t miss out on revenue they should get

Enable them to win more clients to grow faster and protect yields


Straight away it will enable a high growth culture. If the business objective is to grow, Vacancy Tracker can help you achieve that through highly targeted segmented data, in the area you want to grow into.

Finally, it should lead to greater fee income from existing key accounts, as recruiters get better at organising candidates for when internal recruiters decide to refer the work out.

Author: Larysa Chaplin

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