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  • Only pay for the data you want
  • No duplicates, no spam, just relevant jobs

Vacancy Database

Search the database to identify every opportunity

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  • Build hotlists, by sector, role, region even company
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Benefits of using Vacancy Tracker include


  • Streamline your time and receive a daily feed of leads from your target market.

  • We help you focus on the target companies most relevant to you.

  • We are continuously increasing our SME coverage, to maximise the value to you.


In today’s digital age, increasing numbers of companies are turning to their own websites as their first port of call when they are hiring. Indeed ten years only ten per cent of companies used their own websites to post jobs, now our analysis shows that nearly fifty per cent of companies with more than ten employees do so, where the first place they post their jobs is on their own site. What this means is for recruiters looking for leads, we provide a unique value proposition, informing them of new vacancies appearing in their sector, filtered by sector, region and role type to meet their needs.


  • Monitor key client activity more effectively through creating tailored updates.

  • Be informed of opportunities emerging in real time.

  • Identify cross selling opportunities you otherwise may not have been aware of.

The rise of internal recruiters has meant the recruitment industry has had to adapt. Hiring managers increasingly are told to only liaise through their internal recruitment teams where agency recruiters increasingly are only finding out about roles weeks later as talent teams look to fill roles first. Vacancysoft levels the playing field, meaning PSL status agencies can prepare candidates in the knowledge of roles they are about to be instructed on, so when the internal teams brief them, they can respond instantly, maximising their chance to fill the position.


  • Increase your productivity, be more candidate centric.

  • Showcase your expertise, through being aware of wider market activity.

  • Be able to offer a broader range of opportunities than competitors.


In a candidate short market every advantage counts, where the competition starts with productivity, i.e. who can do the most in their working day. Having to spend less time on business development can allow you to free yourself up for other activities, including investing more time into your candidates. Indeed, for many recruiters, the old adage that your real client is your candidate applies. By positioning yourself to be aware of every opportunity that could be relevant for your candidates, this maximises the chances they register exclusively with you, improving your fee earning potential. We help such recruiters position themselves as experts, through making sure they are fully briefed on every opportunity that could be relevant to their candidates.

Search the Vacancy Database

  • Filter by expertise and location

  • Search by company or vacancy

  • Create views around key targets

  • Upload client information

  • Export vacancy data

  • Generate leads and explore market opportunities using search by job title, seniority, contact, location, and industry.
  • Search historic vacancy data and identify client’s hiring patterns.
  • Impress your clients with high level of professionalism and market awareness.

James Chaplin

Vacancysoft CEO

When I founded Vacancysoft the idea of a tool to monitor company websites to help Recruiters with lead generation and account management was an alien one. At the time, Rec-Tech was still in its infancy. LinkedIn had only just become profitable, Broadbean was still a fast growing start up and the nature of the market meant the prevailing orthodoxy was that recruiters had enough jobs to work on, they needed help sourcing candidates. That made the first few years tough going, as it took a certain kind of mind to be open to our proposition, that there is a fundamental linkage between client centricity and profitability.

Put another way, the better recruiters would know what their clients are doing, the more profitable they would be. Our tool would act as that information service, where we would compile comprehensive lists of both their existing and target clients, profiling them to then provide notifications whenever a job would be posted. We would also provide added value through cataloguing the companies in terms of their size and sector, as well as identifying the role type, where overall we would add up to twenty data points for every position, meaning that we can create filtered accounts by user, where they would only ever be informed of relevant jobs, a unique proposition and for our clients, one worth paying for.

Also due to the fact our pricing is based on data packages, clients only pay for the jobs they want, where they can have unlimited users with one subscription, maximising their value. This emphasis on providing a client centric solution means we now work with over forty of the largest global recruiters along with a considerable number of independent specialists as well! If you want to find out more about how we can add value for your business, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

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