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Apr 6, 2017 | Blog

The Recruitment Industry Insights newsletter is a great way for consultants and managers to maintain their expertise

Given the vast and dynamic nature of the employment market, there are a multitude of sectors and niche verticals which are constantly changing. Individual consultants should be on top of everything which is happening within their specific market, so that they can present themselves to their candidates and clients as experts. Meanwhile, managers need to maintain an active interest in the trends across all verticals in order to know how to adjust their strategy to reflect recent hiring trends.

The Recruitment Industry Insights series includes a unique weekly newsletter which offers up-to-date analysis of vacancy trends so that subscribers can keep ahead of the game. The newsletters feature reports that provide detailed analysis of vacancy trends within specific verticals. These reports are co-produced with leading players in the recruitment industry as part of a dual thought-leadership strategy, and all analysis is performed using Vacancysoft’s high-grade vacancy data.

The analytical reports in the newsletters include the following:

Regional analysis: for this series we have partnered with APSCo; past reports have focused on specific regions of England (such as the South East, London, and the North) and we have also produced reports about the whole of England and Wales.

Pharmaceutical: we work closely with Clinical Professionals on these reports; past topics include vacancy trends in Switzerland, commercial roles within pharma, regulatory roles within the life sciences industry, and the implications of Brexit.

Insurance: produced in partnership with Oliver James Associates, past subjects of this report series have included ‘Regionalisation in Insurance’, ‘Finance Professionals in Insurance’, and an in-depth analysis of the actuarial market.

Legal: co-authored with Laurence Simons, past reports in this series have been titled ‘How EU regulations are changing recruitment patterns’, ‘The Rise of TMT Law’, and ‘Brexit and the implications for banking lawyers’.

Corporate Governance: for these reports we have partnered with Barclay Simpson; past reports have been centred around analyses of hiring trends for financial crime roles, internal audit, and corporate governance overall.

Tax: co-produced with Brewer Morris, recent reports in this series have tackled the implications of tax digitisation, a review of tax vacancies in England and Wales throughout 2016 and a review of the public practice regional job market.

Technology: previous reports in this series have provided in-depth analyses of Fintech, Brexit, Big Data, DevOps, and Java.

In addition to these reports, the Recruitment Industry Insights newsletter also features executive commentary from leaders within the recruitment industry, such as Graeme Read, James Osborne, James Chaplin and more.

To sum up in a single key take-away, the Recruitment Industry Insights newsletter is a unique tool which allows consultants and managers to maintain their expertise via a weekly update on the employment market. Sign up for it here.

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