The advantages of specialising your recruitment firm are compelling. Your recruiters can become experts in their sectors and searching for new vacancies is more straightforward when you know who your key clients are and what they’re looking for. However, there are risks associated with focussing on a niche. In an unstable economy, a slowdown in recruitment in your chosen sectors could hit your business hard.

As a generalist, it’s easy to drown in data. After all, in the first quarter of this year there were over 800,000 job vacancies in the UK. It makes sense to reduce the time your recruiters spend wading through the job market and increase the time they spend finding the right candidates for existing clients.

But, what if you could have it both ways? What if you could expand your portfolio of clients by reaching into new sectors while retaining your reputation for excellence in the sectors you already serve? It’s a strategy that could protect your firm from market fluctuations and help to grow your business.

At Vacancysoft, we collect vacancy data from over 100,000 UK companies and, last year, we processed over 200,000 jobs. You don’t need to be overwhelmed by information, though. If you want to drill down into one sector, we provide you with the tools to filter our data by sector, job role and region. You’ll even receive tailored emails each morning with the roles you’re interested in.

While our powerful search tool allows you to be a specialist, it also opens up the rest of the recruitment market. If you decide to expand your sights, you can cut the time your recruiters spend on researching vacancies and finding new clients without limiting their scope.

Try it for yourself with our free Vacancy Tracker trial. You’ll have access to our data and our analytics tools, allowing to you step outside of your comfort zone and build new pathways for your firm.

Author: Larysa Chaplin

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