Governance risk and compliance were once something of an afterthought for many organisations, but in recent years the landscapes of regulation and risk have been transformed. Companies can no longer afford to penny-pinch in this area, and many are, more than ever, investing in the right skills.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline was December 27, 2022, a legislative burden that changed the way companies worldwide deal with data management. Changing attitudes to personal data means that the hefty fines for non-compliance are nothing compared with the business that could be lost if rights are not fiercely protected through proper governance.

While it’s had far less press than GDPR, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Mifid II) is an equally extensive piece of legislation that’s having a profound impact on the financial sector. Comprised of more than 1.4 million paragraphs of rules, Mifid II is designed to restore investor confidence following the financial crisis.

Meanwhile, technological threats are increasing with the development of ever more sophisticated and automated malware. In recent years, high-profile third-party data breaches resulting from malware attacks have highlighted the need for strong operational risk management. As a result, specialisation in risk intelligence is going to be in high demand.

Governance risk and compliance now need to be at the heart of every organisation’s strategy. Across all sectors, demand for the skills and experience needed to mitigate risk is high. With Vacancy Tracker’s filtered results, you can keep track of the latest vacancies in the field so that you are offering your candidates the freshest opportunities.

Where there’s an investment, there are opportunities for your candidates and your company. Don’t miss out on this significant shift in British industry; stay ahead of the competition and on top of the market by signing up for a demo with Vacancysoft today.

Author: Larysa Chaplin


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