US companies invest into UK tech talent

Dec 13, 2018 | Data Based, Market Insights

Since the 2016 referendum one area where the UK has remained at the forefront is IT / Technology. Along with an excellent education system and business eco-system, the fact that English is lingua franca puts the city in prime position for IT / Technology. The UK is also at the forefront of VC / PE and has extensive state financing initiatives.

With this what is interesting is how US Companies have accelerated the hiring of IT talent over the last few years, where arguably this has been linked to the appreciation of the USD vs GBP. When looked at from a ten year horizon, the US Dollar is buying more GBP than it ever has, meaning that for American companies wanting to expand their technical teams, doing so in London is cheaper than it ever has been.

With that, we see the number of IT vacancies appearing in US companies in London has nearly doubled over the last two years. Benefit of Brexit or just a co-incidence?


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