While there’s no I in team, providing individual goals can increase productivity for all

Great team work happens when each member has clear individual objectives that feed into shared goals. At Vacancysoft, we’ve developed Vacancy Tracker so you can ensure you’re getting the results you need from your recruiters, with none of the inefficiencies that can result from task duplication.

As we monitor over 75% of all private sector companies operating in the UK, we generate a lot of data on current vacancies. The scale of this data presents incredible opportunities, but it could also be overwhelming, especially if you’re the one tasked with distributing it to your teams.

We understand the way you work, so we’ve created filters that focus this wealth of data on the sectors, regions and job roles you want to target. In addition, our software comes with unlimited user accounts, so that each team member can work from separate feeds.

This means that you can strategically divide your teams’ efforts and conquer your niche markets, while making sure your people aren’t wasting time chasing the same leads.

Each morning, each of your team members will receive an email containing the latest vacancies for their specific filters, so they can avoid the onerous task of searching the market.

By putting Vacancy Tracker at the centre of your team’s strategy, you can remove administrative and repetitive tasks from your employees’ day and make sure their time is spent dealing directly with the clients and candidates that will help to grow your business.

Having clearly delineated market segments also creates a sense of ownership, which could have an impact on recruiters’ productivity as they develop a deeper knowledge of their particular area of the market.

An additional benefit of Vacancy Tracker’s individual user accounts is the potential for creating healthy competition between team members. Even if you’ve all got the same shared goals, there’s no harm in highlighting individual success stories.

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Author: Larysa Chaplin


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