There are over 27,000 recruitment firms active in the UK right now and the sector is still growing at a rapid pace. In this crowded market, how can you ensure that your firm stands out?

As most of your clients and candidates will find you through your website, making sure yours tops the search results on Google and grabs attention on social media should be top of your agenda. Building great content that features key search terms one of the best ways to make sure you can get ahead of your competition.

Great content doesn’t just build leads, it also gives your firm a voice in the industry. By producing thought-leadership articles, you can demonstrate your professional capabilities to prospective clients and candidates while keeping your existing client base engaged.

The first step to creating engaging content is knowing your audience. You’re in a great position for this as you speak to them every day. Just think about the kinds of questions your clients and candidates ask most often and then set out to answer them.

The next step is having the answers; this can be a little more challenging. You may not have the time or the resources to dedicate to developing quality content and it could be detrimental to your business to create sub-par market analysis.

At Vacancysoft, we gather data every day about vacancies in the UK job market. We cover sectors such as Banking, Energy, Insurance, Law, Life Sciences, Media, Property and Technology. If you need answers, our Vacancy Tracker has the numbers that can help.

Even better, why not try our report writing service? We’ll provide analysis on market trends in your chosen region or sector and put all this insight together in a package you’ll be proud to share with clients and candidates. Providing a fresh perspective on your market will help you to build your brand, increase trust in existing partnerships and grow your business.

Contact us today to see how we can help your recruitment firm get noticed.

Author: Larysa Chaplin

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