Stay on top of the opportunities new technology will create in the coming year

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, the internet of things and automation have been the tech buzz words of 2021. This fast-changing technology is creating heavily financed start-ups and dramatically shifting the hiring priorities of established companies.

In the coming year, the recruiters who apprehend the new job roles that these technologies will create are going to be best-placed to provide the talent those roles demand.

Because we know you can’t predict the future, we’ve created Vacancy Tracker. This business intelligence tool allows you to keep an eye on the newest roles coming onto the job market across a wide range of sectors. You’ll be able to spot burgeoning growth and jump on the latest trends before your competitors.

As well as tracking the job market, our bespoke tool gives you the latest Companies House data, so you can see the new companies that are forming by region and sector and the companies that have just received capital injection from investors. New and growing companies are prime targets for new business because they’ll be the ones looking to increase their talent pool.

However, knowing where opportunities are about to emerge is little use to you as a recruiter unless you have the talent to fit these new roles. Using Vacancy Tracker, you can zero in on the skillsets that are in demand and compare these with the strengths and weaknesses of your current candidate database.

Because of technological investment, the job market in 2022 will be awash with new opportunity but that doesn’t mean the waters will be calm. Predicting which of these technologies will take off and which of these new companies will float is going to be a gamble. That’s why we offer Recruitment Industry Insights alongside our data.

Our unique weekly newsletter provides reports and expert analysis based on our high-grade data to make sure your keeping ahead of hiring trends. Produced in partnership with industry experts and featuring executive commentary from recruitment professionals, these updates will help you to make the best use of our vacancy data.

In 2022, we’re going to see millennials take the helm as managers in emerging and established companies and, as digital natives, they’re going to invest in the newest technologies. Trust Vacancy Tracker and VacancySoft’s unique insights to guide you through these changing times and make the most of the opportunities they will bring.

Recruitment Industry Insights is a free Market Intelligence Tool that can help you to become a thought leader in your niche, increase your brand awareness, and attract clients. Read about this free Market Intelligence Tool here.

Author: Larysa Chaplin

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