It’s no longer enough to rely on standard methods of sourcing candidates and occasionally contacting target clients to ask if they are hiring. New business leads are a key component when it comes to maximising placement revenue.

You, as a recruiter or a recruitment agency should adopt a smarter approach to generating leads, from using the best methods of gathering and updating valuable client records to effectively pre-empting corporate hiring plans. Make sure information about clients with periodic needs is updated to reflect that so that you have a strong lead when it comes to their summer season or Christmas peak. If you are not updating your client records regularly, you might miss opportunities to get your foot back in the door.

It’s tempting to prioritise clients who are hiring who you are already work for, however, don’t overlook clients who may not be actively recruiting right now.

Information about jobs is easy to find, and with Google jobs going live now, it’s about to become even easier. For recruitment managers, therefore, the temptation to use free sources of job information for leads is high, especially at a time when budgets are under scrutiny. However, people doing that should be wary of what they end up with. Reflect on that with poor data quality, there is a big chance for duplication both in jobs and companies. For someone trying to get an overview of market activity, the reality is, that distortions can make it impossible.

It is worth taking time out to learn how to search more effectively. Boolean search techniques rely on users knowing and inputting the logic required to get the best results. Without these skills, valuable leads can easily be missed. Recruitment agencies use a variety of systems, from Excel spreadsheets to sophisticated recruitment software platforms.

But not everyone can take time to learn new search skills if they have to make placements and keep both candidates and clients happy. In Vacancysoft we understand this, and make it our mission to provide the best possible data grade for subscribers. Our company information is based on the industry classification benchmark, which is the system used to categorise companies in the London and New York Stock Exchanges. Every company we publish information about will be categorised by industry, sector, headcount and HQ location. What this means as an example, is that if someone only wants job information about American Technology companies posting jobs in the UK, we can provide them with that. Similarly, if someone wants just SME businesses in Media Agencies in Manchester, we can do that too.

Secondly, our process is to QC every job we publish, which means we provide fixed data points also by role. We have developed a proprietary logic for how we codify jobs, where we segment firstly by professional function, so Accountants, HR, Marketers, Scientists etc. Within that, we create a layer by divisional area, so for example Tax Accountants, then we create data points by role. What this means is we can cleanly differentiate between every different role type and provide subscribers with clean lists which are perfectly fitted for their remit.

If you still are not convinced why would should work with more job leads, here is a bonus!

10 things you can achieve when you work with more job leads:

  1. You will have more choice over what you work
  2. You will be top of your client`s hiring activity and prepared for their next call
  3. You will be able to identify market trends in your area
  4. You will constantly learn about your sector
  5. Seek improvement for your next adverts
  6. Keep an eye on your what your competitor`s clients are up to
  7. Be in tune with new skill requirements on the market
  8. Follow market expectations (salaries, benefits etc)
  9. Share your knowledge with your clients to position yourself as an expert, thought leader
  10. Increase candidate engagement by providing high quality market insight

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