With legal sector employment scheduled to fall in the short term and the longer-term risks from the increasing automation of legal service functions, what can specialist legal recruitment firms do to mitigate risk?

According to Legal Society research, total employment within the sector is expecting 2.2% average annual growth from 2019-2025
By 2038 it’s expected that total employment could sustain a 20% loss from automation, that’s 78,000 jobs. However, the Law Society predicts that these losses could be offset by overall growth.

With so many factors in play, from the uncertain impact of Brexit to declining housing transactions, this is an uncertain time for the legal sector. To stay on top of change and prepare for a shortfall in vacancies, knowledge is your recruitment firm’s best defence.

Spreading your net wider and capturing vacancy data from a wider number of law firms and business employers will help to increase your offer to candidates. Vacancysoft can help. By using our Vacancy Tracker software, you can search through vacancies in all Law Society-accredited firms as well as legal roles within Financial Services, Commerce & Industry and the Public Sector.

These results are collected and refined by data professionals and delivered to you daily in an easy-to-filter format. You can save your consultants time searching vacancies and increase your overall data capture to include more of the firms and companies with the roles you’re looking for.

Having data at your fingertips lets your recruitment firm stand out among competitors in the legal industry because you’ve got the freshest insight. So, even if the forecasted dip hits later this year and when automation causes a shift in the types of roles on offer, you’ll be forewarned and forearmed.

Contact Vacancysoft to sign up for your free trial today.

Author: Larysa Chaplin


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