The government’s Sector Deal in Life Sciences, which was announced in December 2017, is likely to boost jobs in this market in the year ahead. It is hoped that the deal will make Britain a centre for innovative medical research and technologies, creating high-skilled jobs across the country.

The deal brings investment into the UK from 25 global organisations, including US healthcare giant Merck and Co. Inc. The firm is expected to establish a life science discovery research facility and headquarters in the UK that will create 150 new high-skilled research roles.

Other global firms involved in the deal include Johnson & Johnson, The Medicines Company, GSK and AstraZeneca. With names like this investing in the UK, the government hopes to attract more global players and create fertile soil for British healthcare and biotech start-ups.

UK Business Secretary Greg Clark said: “We are home to many of the most successful global life sciences businesses and we are also a hotbed of new businesses – springing up to bring new discoveries and techniques to a wider market.”

This level of investment will trigger significant shifts in the Life Sciences sector over the coming year, with new vacancies being published by a number of newly established companies. To maintain your reputation as a leading recruiter in this sector, you need to stay abreast of the changes.

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Author: Larysa Chaplin


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