Vacancysoft Market Update: 2021, What Next?

Nov 19, 2021 | Webinar

As we approached the end of what has been a frenetic year 2021, with recruiters challenged in unique ways never seen before, the big question was: What next?

In this 20 minute presentation (recorded on Nov 18, 2021) we will give you a snapshot of the latest recruitment trends we are seeing emerging, both by regional area and across the key industries of the knowledge economy so you know how best to organise resources in your business.

James Chaplin, Vacancysoft CEO is presenting, where attendees had the opportunity to both network with each other, using the highly innovative REMO platform, and ask questions about the presentation directly, where after the main presentation, we will have plenty of time to respond to the issues you consider to be most important.

Download our Year in Review Magazine 2021 edition below!
In our annual magazine 2021 edition you will find a full review of the hiring activities across key sectors of the UK economy over the past year. The magazine covers trends seen in Britain’s tech, life sciences, law, finance, real estate and insurance industries.

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